CrossFit Level 1

 CrossFit Level 2

 CrossFit Competitors Course

 CrossFit Mobility

 Mobility Institute - Movement &

   Mobility Specialist

  Functional Movement

   Screen (FMS) - Y-Balance Test (YBT) Certified

  CrossFit Gymnastics

 CrossFit Endurance

  CrossFit Judges Course

 CrossFit Scaling Course​

 CrossFit Sports Specific Application

  Mountain Tactical Athlete
   Advanced Programming

  Former collegiate athlete


  CrossFit Level 1

  CrossFit Level 2

  CrossFit Mobility

  CrossFit Judges Course

  CrossFit Kids

  CrossFit Weightlifting

  CrossFit Gymnastics 

  CrossFit Jump Rope

  Master of Education

  Ed.S Education Leadership

  TRX Group Fitness

  Adaptive Athlete Certification

  CPR/ First Aid Certification

  Former collegiate cheerleader


  CrossFit Level 1

  Associates in General Studies

  US Army

  Electrician for 4 years

  4+ Years of CrossFit Experience



  CrossFit Level 1

  CrossFit Jump Rope

  CrossFit Weightlifting 

  CrossFit Judges Course

  7 year as a Paramedic

  3+ Years of CrossFit Experience



  Crossfit Level 1

  Precision Nutrition Level 1

  M.S. in Project Management

  U.S. Army

  2+ Years of CrossFit Experience


  CrossFit Level 1

  ACFT NCOIC Level 2

  Collegiate Pole Vaulter

 CPR/ First Aid Certified

  US Army

  8+ Years of CrossFit Experience




  Teen Comp Coach

  Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer at Methodist University

  M.S. in Athletic Training

 B.S. in Sports Medicine

  Former collegiate track athlete

  Former gymnast

  CPR/ First Aid Certification

  2+ Years of CrossFit Experience

Mike Knapp

  Certified Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner

  Graduated Rolfing Institute of Structural Integration Boulder, CO 2017

  NC LMBT 8398

  Graduated National University of Health Sciences: Massage Therapy 2005

  Mountain Biking/ Organic Gardening

Kathaleen Trost


  Licensed Massage Therapist

  Graduated from Savannah School of Massage Therapy training, 2012

  BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design

  Public school art teacher from 1999-2011

  Director of a local Visual Arts Ministry

Melissa Reid

  Master of Science in Nutrition

 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  Licensed Dietitian

  Childcare Learning Center Certified

 Indulge in Nutrition

CrossFit Intrinsic

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