Membership Information

BTWB (Beyond The WhiteBoard)

  • We use BTWB to log workout data. The downloadable app which publishes and pushes notification (if desired) regarding the next day’s workout and other member interactions.

One Year Membership:

  • Requires a 12-month contract. Contract will renew automatically as month-to-month after 12-months.  Cancelation will be for auto-renew only, no pro-rated refund.​​

Six Month Membership:

  • Requires 6-month contracts with auto pay. Upon completion of the 6-month contract period, memberships will renew monthly at the current membership price on a month-to-month basis unless canceled, in writing, by the member.


  • Cancellations are required in writing (email) 30-days prior. Membership contracts will be canceled for military PCS only, proof of PCS (orders) required. PCS from Fort Bragg required, not inter-post transfers. Memberships may be suspended during extended absences (deployment/other TDY), 30-days notice required. We are happy to work with our members as much as possible.

Membership Hold Requests:

  • Military members may request a hold on their account, for any TDY or training event 90-days or longer. Requests must be done in writing, with 30-day notice, and include a copy of TDY orders.