“I have done so many things on vacation that I never dreamed I could do! I've hiked, went on a bumpy Jeep ride (goodbye, back issues), and yes, even wore a bikini with confidence! So grateful that I began this journey to better health 3 years ago!”

“I’m over the moon with xfit. I started Dec 2018. I was hardly able to do a step-up onto the kids’ little mattresses. So much knee pain. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. After a lifetime of sports and related injuries I’d all but given up working out, save for a bit of walking and occasional cycling on level terrain. Now I row 1000 meters 3x a week, I can do modified exercises, 9” box step-ups with weights etc. But more important than anything else, I can do everyday things more efficiently! While I struggle to reach my goal of “getting up off the floor nicely” in 2019, I suddenly realized I achieved a bunch of other goals I didn’t even think about.”

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